My name is Maggie & I live in the US. I play a lot of video games. I’m currently studying how to make video games. Sometimes (but not lately) I stream on Twitch. I also like to draw.

Systems: PS4/3/2 || 3DSXL || WiiU || Macbook || iPhone 5S

Twitter: @maggtop || Twitch: maggtop

A Bit of Background… (Or, My History with Video Games)

I was born into a video game household. My parents had a NES so I cut my teeth on Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt. (Admittedly, I probably wasn’t very good… At least my dad didn’t know about the trick of handing your kid an unplugged controller.)

Around 96/97, we got our first PC, and I started gaming on that. Our Gateway PC (I remember it fondly) came with a binder full of free games. Some of my favorites included Chaos Island: The Lost World (a little known gem) and Sim Ant. I soon got into The Sims and Tomb Raider, which are two of my favorite games of all time to this day.

Around 1999 my family got its first PlayStation, and we continued to go along the PlayStation track for our home system, so I missed out on a lot of Nintendo games while I was growing up (despite starting with an NES).

In college, my roommate had an Xbox, so I played things like Fallout 3, Skyrim, and Resident Evil 5 & 6 for the first time on Xbox.

Now I have the systems you can see listed above.


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