Review: Yoshi’s Woolly World

It may seem like I’m late to the party with this review since Yoshi’s Woolly World came out for the Wii U back in October of 2015. However, Nintendo is releasing the game for 3DS tomorrow, February 3, under the name “Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World.” Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World will contain all stages of the Wii U version along with bonus Poochy levels and 3DS exclusive features. Nintendo is also releasing a brand new knitted Poochy amiibo to coincide with the game’s release.

I originally wrote this review soon after the game came out for a different blog I had at the time, so I’ve edited it and re-posted it here to celebrate the new release. (You might notice that the format is a bit different than my recent reviews.) Keep in mind, this review is based on the Wii U version, since I have not played the 3DS version.

2015-10-25 13.20.25.jpg

In Yoshi’s Woolly World, you play as a crocheted version of Yoshi in a whimsical universe modeled off of an overturned craft basket. Yarn, buttons, crochet hooks, lace, and more compose the environment and enemies. It’s a cute, original take on a classic Nintendo character. Or, as my dad said, “it sounds like you have to be on acid to play that.”

No drugs required to have enjoy this game! YWW is incredibly fun and adorable. It’s destined to be a staple for any Nintendo fan. Since the worlds start off quite easy, it’s a great way for newbies and kids to enter the Nintendo universe. As you progress, however, the game’s puzzles escalate in difficulty, providing fun and rewarding challenges.

Jaw-dropping graphics. YWW takes full advantage of the Wii U’s capabilities, delivering a colorful, lovingly detailed world that is sure to impress and delight you. It feels like you could reach out and touch the small craft items in the world. You can even see the frayed threads pulling off of the yarn balls! With a wide variety of world types (fire, water, jungle, etc) I was continuously impressed by the level of creativity that went into making the levels out of yarn-related items.

No time limits. With such beautifully animated scenery, you’re going to want to take some time to appreciate it! Eliminating time limits allows players to focus on solving unique yarn-based puzzles, rather than trying to zip through an onslaught of enemies.

Use enemies to your advantage. The enemies are often tools you need to solve the level. For example, some can be unraveled to create yarn projectiles needed for certain pickups, and some can be bounced upon to get to otherwise unreachable areas.

No life limits. If you’re playing with someone else, this is a pretty essential feature due to the amount of times you and your partner will wind up accidentally eating each other and stealing each other’s yarn balls. However, if you both die, you have to go back to the last checkpoint!

Great incentives to play to full completion. If you get all five yarn skeins hidden in a level, you unlock a new playable Yoshi. Each one features a fun and unique themed design. If you get all five flowers on every level of a world, you unlock a bonus level. Getting every pickup and ending the level with full hearts gives you full completion. Sometimes, you unlock a mini bonus game at the end of a level!

Boosters for purchase. Having trouble with a level? At the beginning, you have the option to buy a booster badge (using gems you’ve collected in the levels and bonus games) that will give you special powers for that level. You never know when it might come in handy to have an unlimited amount of watermelon seeds to spit at enemies…

2015-10-25 13.03.26.jpg
Pictured: Yoshi’s Woolly World for Wii U box set that includes the Green Yarn Yoshi amiibo. I also picked up the Blue Yarn Yoshi. Also pictured: Yoshi and Peach Wii Remote that I happened to get in the same trip!

amiibo functionality. I’m playing with a partner, but if you’re playing solo, your Yoshi doesn’t have to be alone! Use an amiibo to add a second helper Yoshi to your levels. You can save the designs of your unlocked Yoshis to your amiibo so that your second Yoshi can display your favorite patterns. The Yoshi’s Woolly World amiibos are by far my favorite amiibos that have been released. They’re actually knitted, and they are stuffed and squishy! They are available in green, blue, pink, and a jumbo green version. As I mentioned above, a Poochy amiibo is also being released with the 3DS version. However, you do not actually need the amiibos to enjoy the game! They are just fun add-ons.

Screenshot 2017-02-02 15.53.28.png

Non-Linear Levels. I was pleasantly surprised by the non-linear levels. I’m used to traditional side-scrolling worlds that force you to continually progress forward, and if you miss anything, too bad for you! The first few levels are like that, but then you start getting to worlds with multiple paths, giving you the opportunity to find the level’s items by solving yarn problems.

Bottom line. I enjoyed playing this game a lot, I had so much fun, and I would highly recommend getting it for the Wii U. It’s really fun to play with a friend, so invite someone over and knit some woolly action together!

One final note: Since I’ve only played the Wii U version, please don’t consider this a full review of Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World for 3DS. I emphasized the amazing graphics in my review, and you’re obviously going to lose a lot of that quality when you move it to the 3DS. However, even at the lower image quality of the 3DS, you’re still getting the cuteness and the creativity of the game. Also, I primarily played with a second person, and the 3DS version will be one player only. Personally, I will not get the 3DS game, since I already played it on the Wii U. If I didn’t have a Wii U, I would want it on the 3DS because it is such a fun and rewarding game.



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