Fashion News for Pokémon Sun & Moon

Great news! The Pokémon official Twitter announced today that Sun & Moon will give players the ability to fully customize their avatar characters including appearance, clothes, and accessories throughout the game.

Character customization, along with purchasing clothes and accessories from the various locations you visited, was featured in Pokémon X & Y. I really enjoyed customizing my character and saving up for cute clothes from the big cities. I was super sad to see it left out of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

Back in June, Nintendo gave us a glimpse of the character select options in Sun & Moon, assuring us that we would be able to change our gender and skin color. However, now they have confirmed that hair color, hair style, eye color, and outfits will also be customizable.

Image source: Nintendo youtube

In addition to being able to buy and change clothes, you’ll also be able to dye clothes to change the colors of outfits you already have!

Check out the official site for more details and pictures.

Image source: official site

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