Humble GameMaker Bundle “Unboxing”

Red Alert! Humble Bundle  currently has an amazing deal running for game lovers who also want to make games! But you have to act fast because it will only be available for 4 more days.

If you’ve never gotten a Humble Bundle before, here’s how it works: you can pay what you want for a curated collection of games (or books), and a portion of your chosen price goes towards charity. You can even choose how your charitable donation is divvied out, and which charities it goes to.

The reason I’m so excited for this particular bundle is because it’s aimed at people who want to make games! Not only does the bundle include the professional edition of GameMaker Studio (a $150 value), it also includes source codes for games that come in the bundle. So you’ll be able to play a game, then open it up in GameMaker Studio and see how it works! Some pretty popular games like Undertale and Hyper Light Drifter were made using GameMaker Studio. As a budding game developer, I simply had to have it.

This bundle was made possible by YoYo Games, the software company that developed GameMaker Studio. Their aim is to help people make games, and they have tutorials on their website. The games included in the bundle can be redeemed on Steam or at

For the Humble Bundle, there are different payment tiers. The more you pay, the more you will receive.

For As Low As You Want To Pay (even $0.01! though $1 unlocks the Steam code):


  • GameMaker Studio Pro
  • Uncanny Valley (game)
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! (game)
  • INK (game)
  • Extreme Burger Defense (source code)
  • Freeway Mutant (source code)
  • Shep Hard (game + source code)
  • Angry Chicken: Egg Madness! (game + source code)

For GameMaker Studio Pro alone, this bundle is worth it. You can get a powerful game creation tool valued at $150 for the loose change from your pocket. Plus, you get five games! You also get the source code for Extreme Burger Defense and Freeway Mutant, which are both available for free. Uncanny Valley has been on my “To Play” list for a while now, so I was excited to see it included. However, I would also want the source code to go with it, so I would have to…

Beat the Average (currently $12.16) to Unlock:


  • GameMaker Studio HTML5 Module
  • Home (game)
  • Solstice (game)
  • Galactic Missile Defense (game + source code)
  • Uncanny Valley (source code)
  • INK (source code)
  • 10 Second Ninja X (source code)
  • Cook, Serve, Delicious! (source code)

This tier includes the source code for the games from the “pay what you want” tier. It also includes Home, which is another game that has been on my “To Play” list. I’ve also seen Solstice on the Steam store and been intrigued by it, but had never gotten around to playing it.

The HTML5 Module for GameMaker Studio costs $200! So including that makes the second tier an amazing deal, if you’re interested in using GameMaker Studio to make web games.

As of writing this, Solstice is actually the only game from the bundle that I’ve started playing so far! So look forward to a review of that soon.

Pay $15 or More to Get:


  • GameMaker Studio Android Module
  • GameMaker Studio iOS Module
  • GameMaker Studio Windows UWP Module
  • Flop Rocket (game + source code + UWP package)
  • Solstice (source code)
  • Home (source code)

I chose to pay $15 to get the highest tier of this bundle. I really wanted the source code for Home, and the modules for GameMaker Studio are an incredibly good value (they run for $300 each if you’re buying them outside of the bundle!) The Windows UWP Module isn’t even available for separate purchase, it’s only included in the Master Collection of GameMaker Studio, which is $800! Wow. I’m so excited to not only play these games, but also to discover what makes them tick.

Before You Buy:

Sadly, this bundle is aimed squarely at Windows users, so if you have a Mac you might be out of luck. GameMaker Studio Pro and the source codes will not work on Macs. However, since the deal was too good to pass up, I chose to get it anyway, despite the fact that I only have a Macbook right now. I plan to get a gaming PC in 2017, so when that happens I’ll be able to use GameMake Studio and the provided source codes. Until then, I’m happy that I’ve contributed to charity and supported the creators, and I get to play some of the games as well!

As of the time I’m writing this, 170,852 of the Humble GameMaker Bundle have been sold. If you love games and want to try making them, this is a must have!


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