Blog Update

Happy National Video Games Day! Okay, so that was yesterday. But if you’re living your best life, then you should be living every day like it’s National Video Games Day. Summer is starting to drift away, while fall takes over with its back-to-school vibes, so I wanted to change up my blog a bit. This post details some of the changes I hope to implement over the remainder of the year.

What’s New

I’ve added a “Backlog” page to my blog which lists all the games I’m currently playing, whether I’m playing them every day, every week, or haven’t picked them up in who knows how long… I’ll try to keep it up to date as best as I can!

More Posts

I want to start writing more posts and updating more frequently. This means I’ll have to play more games (woohoo!) and also write more diligently (uh oh…). I’d rather have more frequent, shorter posts than my current pattern of long posts that are few and far between.

Video Game News

To go along with this change, I hope to begin posting more news from the video game world — I’ll do more brief updates on what’s going on in the world of gaming.

“Currently Playing” Updates

I also want to do more frequent posts about what I’m currently playing, rather than waiting until I’m done and posting one long review. (Get excited, because I’m going to start posting soon about my Mass Effect Full Trilogy play through!) However, I will also continue to do my longer, full review posts.

Game Design Learning Posts

Not only do I love to play video games, I’m also learning how to make them! I’d like to start posting about my journey, as well as games I’m making (just practice ones, for now) as a way to encourage myself to keep going and to invite feedback.

Blog Design

This blog is definitely a work in progress in terms of aesthetic. For now I’ve just been using default themes and settings, but I hope to customize it and make it look pretty. I also want to start using some of my own art in the design.

Thanks for reading! See you again soon~



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