Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Special Edition Unboxing

Welcome to my first ever unboxing video! You can check out my video below. After the video I’ve posted pictures of the items from the Special Edition, as well as a little bit of information about them. I’ll be posting a full review of the game once I’ve had the chance to play it enough!

(It’s not the smoothest video in the world, but I tried my best! If I keep doing them in the future, I’ll upgrade to better equipment–and maybe even a script…)

The Box

2016-07-07 15.35.372016-07-07 15.35.51

Awesome art on a surprisingly small package! I know size isn’t everything, but I was expecting a much bigger box for a Special Edition. Beautiful character art adorns the box, though the description of the game itself is tantalizingly vague. “Invaders from the Idolasphere want your creative Energy. Go out and break a leg with showstopping moves!”

The Game

2016-07-07 15.36.522016-07-07 15.37.04

Standard Wii U game box with slightly different art from the enclosing box. It looks like the enclosing box took the case art and added a dramatic attacking Chrom over top.


2016-07-07 15.38.15.jpg

The artbook is a small (postcard size) paperback book decorated in vibrant neon shades of green and yellow. The small size and flimsy cover of the artbook are disappointing, but the content exceeds my expectations. It contains character art and descriptions (as well as character production notes).

There are many pages of art (creatures, weapons, settings) with descriptions and notes. In the back there are special notes from the Chief Director/Game Designer Wataru Hirata, the Director Eiji Ishida, and the Producer Shinjiro Takata. There are lyrics pages for the special songs in English. A lot of great content in this tiny book! If only they could have made it hard cover…

CD Soundtrack + Song Cards

2016-07-07 15.44.442016-07-07 15.45.26

The CD contains 13 tracks (6 songs and 7 short speaking tracks). There are 6 song cards for the songs. On one side they have an illustration of the character that sings them, and the other side has the full Japanese lyrics printed in roman characters for sing along purposes.  The illustrations are beautiful and do a great job of emphasizing the “pop idol” feel of the game. They feel like real CD covers! I’ll review the music in more detail when I write a review of the game.

Sticker Sheet

2016-07-07 15.37.35.jpg

The sheet contains four cute chibi-style character stickers as well as a Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE logo sticker.

DLC Download Codes

2016-07-07 15.37.56

The special edition comes with download codes for 3 DLCs: the Tokyo Millennium Collection DLC, the Costume Set DLC, and the Hunter Support Quest Pack DLC. I’m not quite sure what the DLCs will contain yet, so I’ll review their content in the full game review that I’ll post later!

Overall Impression

I’m glad I got the Special Edition because it contributes a lot to the pop idol atmosphere of the game. The song cards make me feel like I am about to become a fan of real pop stars. The artbook especially impressed me with its wealth of behind the scenes content. The artbook, CD, song cards, and DLC definitely combine to make this Special Edition feel worth buying.


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